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Grace in the Midst of the Storm

It is amazing to see the swiftness of God’s movement when His people finally release their control to Him.  While my family is still in the midst of crisis, God has been dealing with us, showing His love for each one of us. The men out there understand my need to fix the things in […]

Arroz con Pollo – Panamanian Style

Okay, I promised my mother’s world famous Arroz con Pollo, so now I give it.  I made modifications to my mother’s recipe, preferring all natural products to some of the Goya substitutes she used as I was growing up, but overall I love my version.  In fact, I had a very good friend from my […]

All Purpose Meat Seasoning

Hello all.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy with home schooling my son, teaching two classes at our home school co-op, Train up A Child Christian Home Schoolers (TRACCHS), getting my catering business, Christian’s Bread of Life (CBL), up and running, in addition to so many other things that I find it hard to […]