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Special Needs

I know the pain of being a special needs child parent, particularly for those whose child appears normal by most. You don’t want your child viewed by others as peculiar. You recognize that there is a special stigmatism placed on people with special needs, and you don’t want your children to live under them. You […]

Change of Address

This is to alert all my followers to the new address for “The World According to GAR.”  It is now Tune in to see what Gareth speaks about next.  I don’t even know…

Why I Homeschool

The homeschool year is in full swing, here at Hall Manor.  Already looking forward to that last day.  Here, in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are required to document a minimum of 180 days.  As of Friday, August 24, 2012, we have already completed twenty-one of those 180 days, and this doesn’t include time spent […]

Keeping Your Cool

A friend of mine shared this tidbit of wisdom with me, after hearing me fuss with my son about remaining focused while I was on the phone.  She told me that it comes from the book Have a New Kid by Friday. Remember that YOU are the parent.  As the parent, your child will need […]