Welcome to my page.  I’m Gareth, and as stated in my heading, I’m a Christian stay at home dad who homeschools.  In addition to homeschooling my boy, whose name is Christian, I’m a Pennsylvania state certified  secondary English teacher, a caterer and an independent distributor of Herbalife.  I have been overweight all my life, and was always uncomfortable with it.  Finally, about two years ago, my doctor said that if I didn’t loose weight, I had about five to ten years to live.  I had reached a top weight of 400 pounds.

I had weight loss surgery a year ago and lost 130 pounds, but regained twenty-nine pounds in the last two months.  Here, I blog about weight-loss journey, healthy living, homeschooling, child rearing, cooking, pretty much all things that I encounter.  As a caterer and owner of Christian’s Bread of Life, named after my son, I am always on the lookout for new recipes that integrate good health with great taste.

Be sure to visit my online Herbalife store.  Log in and use the access code “healthy” to get prices and order.


When I have the Christian’s Bread of Life website up and running, I will share it here as well.

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