Organic Living

A few short years ago, I began a graduate program in education. One of the first classes I took was about education and the brain. In that class, I learned about children with various “disabilities,” including attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). This piqued my interest as the parent of a child with such a disorder.

I was initially concerned with the heightened amount of cases of ADHD over the last few years. I then learned about the increased amount of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in our foods. I was particularly alerted to the amount of GMOs in food coloring, red colouirng in particular. This lead to my thinking about the number of times I made red velvet cake for my family, and my son was a great proponent if it.

Shortly after completing this course, I realized how important how it was to change my cooking habits for my family. I embarked on an organic prescription for my family. This includes various other supplies, as they have effects on our lives. I will include these recipes here.

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