Coming Out of Hiding

It has been quite some time since my last post. In the interim, I completed a graduate program and am about to start applying to doctoral programs as I intend to begin one in the coming year.

God has taken me through a number of upheavals and turns during the absence, showing me that regardless of how things look on the surface, He is still at my side. I am learning to trust Him more in the storm, even when His answer to prayer is, “No,” or “Wait.” He alone knows the future and what works best for us.

Finally, I have been busy in the kitchen, so will soon be posting new recipes. My current fixation is genuine West Indian beef patties. As my family has embraced a more holistic, organic diet, I am always looking for ways to bring many of my old tastes into this realm, which often means learning to make these dishes myself. A few years ago, I learned how to make pastry dough, so this progression to beef patties is long overdue.

As I just underwent carpal tunnel surgery, this recipe may take a bit to post, but I can honestly say that I am close. I make some this week and froze them, enjoying them fresh from (gasp) microwave (we gotta make concessions at times).

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