Daniel Fast Day One

Daniel Fast Day One and I will admit that my wife and I have made some concessions this time.  As someone who has had bariatric surgery, I have to ensure that I have a certain amount of protein in my diet everyday, so I will be having a protein shake every morning for my breakfast, and I intend to have at least one protein bar during the day.

Given that, today, Fe and I had pears for breakfast.  They filled us up good enough, but that worked only so long.  I got gluten-free vegetarian egg rolls by Feel Good Foods for our lunch after church, after purchasing a bunch of organic “Daniel Fast Ready” foods, as I did not prepare ahead of time this year.  I bought a bunch of different kinds of alternative milks with no sweetener added, and I will post the differences shortly.

I bought a bunch of organic vegetables to make a vegetarian broth that will be the staple over the next three weeks.  For the broth, I sautéed two onions with about two cups of chopped organic carrots in about two tablespoons of coconut oil.  I chopped a green and a yellow zucchini, and I added this to the sauté.  To this I added four cloves of garlic for about a minute.  I then added a pint of halved organic grape tomatoes for about a minute.  I adedd two quarts of water and two chopped celery stalks.  This will be my base for a few dishes going forward.  I will strain it out and store in the fridge.

Tonight, I am making  a veggie sauté with rice noodles.  I will document the progress with pics, so stay tuned.

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