As some of you are aware, I am pursuing my second graduate degree, this one in the education of adolescent literacy.  I am nearing the end and am in final research phase.  As such, I am running ragged, pulling hairs, rocking in corners, etc., in my “free” time, and while researching.  

I promise I will be back soon, and with a vengeance.  I revamped some of my previous recipes, which I will have to replace.  I also intend to add pictures to some of my other postings, as it finally hit me that it truly helps when you know what something is SUPPOSED to look.  Am I right?

You will see posts soon, and you have my word that I will not be as bland as I have been in the past.  I read some of my previous postings and had a hard time untwisting the expression on my face.  UGH!

So anyway, stay tuned, and thank you for your support!

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