The key to Asian cooking is to have all your vegetables prepped .  This is the key to making everything quick, in most cases.  This is not one of those times, as you have to wrap the wontons.  This is good for soup, which will follow in a week, or fried.

My recipe is for organic wontons.  You can make it gluten-free by making your own  wrappers, but I am too lazy.


1 lb ground turkey

3/4 lb chopped shrimp

1/2 cup tamari (gluten free) or soy sauce

2 tbs chopped garlic

1.5 tbs chopped/shredded ginger

1/3 cup chopped chives

About 50 wonton wrappers

1.  Combine all the ingredients, except the wrappers.

2013-06-01 21.49.56

2.  Place the contents in the wrappers and wet the edges with water, before sealing.

2013-06-01 22.09.18

That’s it.  You can fry them or put them in soup.  I love making them, especially with fresh chives from the garden.

2013-06-01 22.10.29


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