My Personal Weight Loss Challenge

Hi all.  Many of you are aware of my struggles with weight.  I was a fat kid that became a fat teen, who turned into a huge adult, tipping the scales at 401.  About a year and a half ago, my doctor gave me five to ten years before my weight would end my life.  I was battling diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.  This mingled with the weight was the perfect brew for a heart attack.  I finally decided to have weight loss surgery.

On July 25, 2011, I was admitted into Lehigh Valley Hospital at Cedar Crest to undergo the gastric bypass sleeve procedure.  It was an amazing success.  By April of 2012, I was down to 269.  It was the first time I was under 300 pounds in over twenty-five years!  I was ecstatic!

I began purchasing clothes a size too small for the incentive to continue losing weight.  But a problem arose.  I noticed in May that I was no longer losing weight.  It’s now June and I just weighed myself and I’m up to 290.

I’m not liking this one bit, but I’m not worried.  You see, in April my sister, Maureen, introduced me to Herbalife and I became a distributor.  I got my wife on the weight-loss plan because she was upset about her clothes growing too tight on her.  Within a month, she was swimming in her clothes without following the plan strictly.

So I am motivated!!  I am going on the plan, beginning tomorrow, and will chart my progress  I will take the meal shake for breakfast and lunch, have sensible snacks within two hours of those meals, and I will have tasty dinners with my family that are visually appealing and packed with nutrients.  I will document the journey for all to see.  I promise to be honest in what I do.  I will even share that I am a stress eater and am under constant stress.  On top of that, I am starting a catering business, Christian’s Bread of Life, or CBL, which requires constant tasting.  CBL’s goal is to prepare healthy meals that are budget friendly.  I will soon have a website up for the business that I will share.

For those interested in Herbalife products, you can visit my website:  The access code to the store is “healthy.”

Stay tuned!

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